Merry Christmas!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Hope you guys are having a great one filled with joy and happiness. I’ll be spending mine with my family with a fantastic Christmas lunch/dinner! Enjoy some of the iconic Christmas GIFs from movies/TVs. Hope y’all are enjoying your Christmas and have a … More Merry Christmas!

Mini Blogmas Day 6

Christmas is not complete without some good music! I’m going to share some of my favourite Christmas tunes! 1.Sia – Everyday is Christmas I was so happy when I know Sia is releasing a Christmas album!! I love Sia’s songs and her Christmas album did not disappoint! It is fun, cheerful and festive! 2. Pentatonix … More Mini Blogmas Day 6

Mini Blogmas Day 5

I love teas and I have been trying new types of teas recently. I normally just go with the kinda boring earl grey but now I am exploring the wonderful world of tea! So today, I will be telling you all about my recent favourite teas! 1.Redbush Redbush is naturally caffeine-free, so its perfect if … More Mini Blogmas Day 5

Mini Blogmas Day 3

Don’t know what to get as Christmas presents? I’ve got a last-minute gift list here that suits both men and women. Happy shopping! 1.Burt’s Bees products Lately, I have been a fan of Burt’s Bees. I started with their lip balm and found it to be very moisturising and smells amazing as well. They also … More Mini Blogmas Day 3

Mini Blogmas Day 2

Welcome to blogmas day 2!!! This one is all about the types of people during the holidays, more specifically Christmas! Hope you can relate to the post!! 1.The super cheerful one This type of people get happy way too easily during the Christmas time. It could be that they had a nice meal or someone … More Mini Blogmas Day 2

Mini blogmas Day 1

Mini blogmas day 1 I’ll be doing a one week blogmas on here so get ready for some Christmassy posts. I can’t believe we’re only one week away Christmas!! I love watching movies. Its a great activity to do with friends and family and I think  watching festive movies is also a great way to … More Mini blogmas Day 1

Magic cake

Sorry for disappearing from this blog for the past few months. Ughhh… University life is so busy that I almost forgot about the blog… Hopefully, I’ll be able to use the holidays to write more posts and share it with you guys. This time, its another baking post!! This was actually written a while back … More Magic cake

Starting uni…

Heyy all, I’ve just returned from an orientation camp and I’m kinda nervous about starting school on Monday. As I’m the latest to join the course, I still don’t know well the students. I’ve always heard uni will be very different to high school. At first, I didn’t really believe it cause after all its … More Starting uni…