An afternoon in the nature

Its always good to be in the nature once in a while, away from the busy lifestyle and the concrete jungle. Barbecue is one of my all time favorite activities and since its a Sunday and the weather is just right, barbecue sounds the right thing to do. We bought some fish balls, squid balls, sausages, chicken wings, prawns, meat… and went to a country park to barbecue!

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It took us some time to set up the fire, but after some blowing and fanning, we finally made it. To our surprise, there were some breezes for the first hour or so and it was pretty pleasant, since the the temperature was like 31 °C. Under the blue sky, the barbecue site was filled with laughter and music, with some chatting, dancing and singing. Being surrounded by trees and plants, you could almost forget about the busy schedules you have back in the city. It was as if we were in a whole different world!

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Last but not least, SMORES!! The pinnacle of barbecuing is definitely the smores. Well toasted marshmallow with a piece of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers~~divine~~

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It was sooo good :p The warm crunchy shell of the marshmallow, with a soft center, paired with chocolate and crackers is to die for. This certainly draws a perfect ending to the barbecue!

Spending just four hours in the nature can already unwind you from all the stress or pressure  you may face in your day to day life. So do spend some time in the nature, even for half an hour, its already a great chance for you to step away from your hectic life. Also, it doesn’t matter what you do, whether you are exercising, barbecuing or even meditating, just get out there and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and scenery! So get up and go outside 🙂      Happy Easter!


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