June favourites

Hi guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought I will share with you some of my June favourites!

I have tried out quite a few new beauty products the past month and loved some of them!

1. Leaders Insolution face masks

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This face mask is sooo good! It is not only filled with moisture, it also fits your face perfectly. I have had a few different brands of face masks before and none of them fits this perfectly! Usually, the other ones does not fit that well around the eye and lips area, making it not as comfortable and lowering the coverage on the face. The texture of this face mask is also different from the others, its sort of a gel texture, instead of paper. This brand also have a wide range of different types of face mask, targeting different purposes. The one I tried is whitening function. As I only tried one, I can’t say for sure whether it works or not but I will sure buy again to try.


photo 3This is the most gentle facial cleanser I have ever used. This was a sample I got while purchasing their facial cream. Kiehl’s never disappoint me but this was totally out of my expectation! Although my skin is not as sensitive, I would definitely recommend this to those who always struggle to find a facial cleanser that will not dry out their face after using it. I will totally go purchase this as this will also be good for removing makeup.


3. Pig Collagen Pack Gel

photo 1

photo 2







photo 3

This isย another new try ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought this much earlierย as it was recommended by my cousin and was onย sale then. Its from Korea and apparently quite popular. I finally tried it and thought it was pretty amazing. Its in a gel form and feels really refreshing when you apply it on your face. It might not look that nice from the photo (I was hesitant to try at first) but it feels awesome.

4. Ahava intensive nourishing hand cream

photo 4This cream works wonder on dry or cracked hands. ย My elbows are always dry and rough but after applying this for a few days, I can see the immediate change on my elbows. As it is thicker than normal hand cream, I apply it right before bed, so all the cream can be absorbed into my skin. Definitely recommend this to those who have dry hands or skin.


Going on to TV shows and favourite music. I actually have so much but below are a few that I thought I just have to mention it to you guys as I think they are really good and I just can’t stop watching/listening toย them.

5. Pretty Little LiarsPLL

I don’t even know where to start! This TV show is packed with mystery, thrill and drama. Its onto season 6 now, so a lot had happened. The show revolves around the story of a girl missing for years withย her friends receiving scary texts from ย a person called A. Her friends then try to find a way to search for their long lost friend.

6. Under the domeunder the dome

This TV show is so good. For those who haven’t watched it before, I’ll try not to give away too much. Its basically about a town, called Chester Mill, was suddenly surrounded by an invisible dome, trapping the people inside. The people inside slowly unravel different things about the dome and is trying to find a way out. Season 3 just started after a half year break! Its such an intense thriller/scifi!!

7. Cody Simpson’s Freecody-simpson-free

I have been loving Cody Simpson’s music for a while. Since this is his first independent album, it does sounds a bit different than the others. This album will be out on 10th July but you can have a listen onย http://www.mtv.com/artists/cody-simpson/#vh1 or you can preorder it on itunes. Its packed with beachy and laid back vibes, perfect for parties or car rides!

The above are my favourites for June! Comment down below some of your favourites! Any good music or TV shows?

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