Favourite youtubers!

YouTube is growing rapidly in recent years and is slowly taking over the entertainment industry. I’m addicted to YouTube videos!! From cute cat videos to funny skits, I can’t stop watching them XD.


Aka Joe Sugg. I really enjoy watching his vlogs and videos. He is known for his numerous pranks on his friends. I especially like his YouTubers whispers challenge! Its sooooo funny, if you haven’t already watch it, go check it out, you won’t be disappointed I promise!

Bethany Motayoutube3

She does countless videos on makeup and beauty related things. From makeup tutorials to morning routines, it is a fun way to get some inspirations and suggestionsย for various ideas.

Tyler Wardyoutube5

I love his covers and originals!! I especially like his cover on Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud with his mum. Its so good, it just melts your heart when you listen to it. His latest album Honestly is also really good too, filled with relaxing vibes.


Cassey Ho started this channel, providing workout routines and showing how to stay and look healthy and fresh throughout. Her bubbly personality is reflected through the videos and is why I love her channel so much. I feel motivated while watching her videos. Its a great source forย motivation and a place to start working out!



Another beauty channel :p She uploads hauls, makeup tutorials, monthly favourites, lookbooks… I don’t really know how to describe these sort of channels. You just have to go watch it yourself and be like “I like that” or “I’m not really into this”. But for me, I really like her channel!

Niga Higayoutube7

He creates skits and regular videos. His videos provide endless laughters for me and always cheers me up. I don’t know how they could come up with so many different content and every time, his videos never fails to make me laugh.

Kurt Hugo Schneideryoutube8

He is a music producer. He has all of these crazy music cover video ideas. I really enjoy watching his videos, it does not only sound amazing, its also visually stunning. Even if you are not a music lover, you should still give it a go and you maybe wowed by the filming!

Connor Frantayoutube2

I recently discovered his channel and thought was pretty good and should mention it to you guys. He films an array of content. From trying new candies, to googling himself, he posts a variety of videos.

Above are some of my favourites! Do you like watching YouTube videos? Be sure to comment down below some of your favourites. I’d love to check out some new YouTubers!

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