Afternoon Tea!

As I got a coupon for a buy one get one free tea set. Me and my sister went to Cedele to try out their tea sets! Cedele is a bakery/pastry/cake cafe. As you stepped into the restaurant, it is filled with a chilled and relaxing atmosphere.

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     We got a walnut tart, parma ham and cheese toast, sea salt caramel tiramisu and two mochas

The tea sets taste sooo good! I don’t usually go out to have afternoon teas but since there was a discount and seems quite attractive, we went and have a go. It was certainly worth-while!! The price was reasonable and the portions of the food aren’t too bad too. We started off with something savoury, the parma ham toast. I’m no expert at parma ham but I thought it tastes pretty good with the cheese and pesto! Onto the sweets, I especially like the sea salt caramel tiramisu.

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          Sea salt caramel tiramisu

This was definitely one of the best cakes I’ve had! The bottom is the tiramisu part, with just the right amount of liquor. The middle part is a creamy caramel mousse and is topped with meringue and sea salt. Normally with desserts containing sea salt, you can’t really taste the sea salt part but for this, you can kind of taste a hint of the sea salt, without it overpowering, making it taste weird. This cake is moist, soft, creamy and light. It is a mouthful of divine and heaven.

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                    Walnut Tart

The walnut tart is also good. Though not as good as the cake 😛 The tart is basically caramel with a pastry base which iss topped off with some walnuts and a drizzle of caramel sauce. The mochas are really good too and came in a huge cup, which we were not expecting!

I’m definitely coming back for lunch or dinner again! Unfortunately, Cedele can only be found in Hong Kong and Singapore. So be sure to check them out when you are nearby!

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