Perfect dress for summer!

I bought this overlay dress the other day at Gap and wore it yesterday. I then realized how versatile the dress is! As the top tank part can be removed from the dress underneath, you can totally switch it up and pair it with something else.

Gap overlay dress
There is sort of a button at the shoulder area to secure the strap of the dress underneath
The strap of the dress secured to the loop by the button.

The dress itself looks like pretty simple with an all-over dark navy/black stripes. I have worn the dress on its own and thought it looks really nice as its simple yet chic. I really like two piece sets as I don’t have to match an outfit and I can simply thrown on the set!dress3

The dress looks like this without the tank top. I think its perfect for a summer day out, light and comfy. As the dress can be separated from the tank top, I thought I can also pair the dress with other loosely fit tops or crop tops.


Just two random crop tops I thought goes pretty well with the dress.





dress5 dress6

I also tried pairing it with a denim shirt for a more edgy look. One with the sleeves rolled up and the bottom tied together. While the other is used as a jacket.




I didn’t realize how well this lace top goes with the dress! I think this top can help dress up the whole outfit so it can be worn to more formal occasions. Pair it with a pair of heels and you are ready to go for a night out or a party!




As with the tank top, there is so much you can do with it. Pairing it with shorts/ skirts/jeans.



The bright tribal print shorts gives the outfit a pop of colour. While the distressed high waisted jean give it a more relaxing look.






Any shorts or skirts will go great with the tank top. I love it because of how versatile the tank top is.



I am in love with this dress! You can totally dress it up or down as you like and the material of the dress is also very comfortable. I’m sure I will be wearing this a lot throughout the summer!

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