Summer hairstyles ideas

Its summer time and it can get quite hot here in Hong Kong. As I have long hair, it sometimes can be quite unbearable under the extreme heat. Therefore, I always like to try out new hairstyles so I can cool down myself and look nice at the same time. Below are some hairstyles I have tried and found it super easy and quick and can perfectly finish a casual summer look.

Side French Braid

This is such an easy hairstyle, no matter you are a beginner or a pro, you can still master this. This hairstyle is also great to get all your bangs or bits and pieces at the front away from your face.


You can also do this with dutch braid. Simply place the strands of hair under each other instead of over for a more popping braid.
Instead of braiding all your hair, you can leave some out for a messier look.
You can also do half regular braid and half fishtail.

Spice up your regular braids

Adding a scarf to your braid


Or add some colourful yarn or strings to your braid
Flowers never hurt!

DIY salt spray

I love to add volume to my hair using salt spray. With how often I use it, I prefer to make my own as it is cheap and simple. All you need is a spray bottle, warm water, some salt, hair gel and conditioner (optional). You basically mix everything together in the spray bottle and you’ll have your very own salt spray! The exact measurements vary to how you like but for a small-medium sized bottle, I usually put 1-1.5 teaspoon of salt to it. For the gel and conditioner, you only need a little. You can also add some essence oil to make it smell better. This is great if you are a everyday user of salt spray as it can sometimes be quite expensive or if you suddenly ran out of the one you are using.

hairBraided buns

I’ve been loving this hairstyle recently. It may seem tricky at first but if you get the hang of it, you’ll realise its actually not that hard.
You can always incorporate different braids into your buns to make it more special.

bun3 bun4

Faux Braids

Faux braids are great if you have layered/shorter hair or if you are not as confident with your braiding skills. Most faux braids are using the technique pull through which requires a few more elastics. There are loads of tutorial on the internet, you can always search for different styles and experiment with it!

Pull Through Mohawk Braid hair
Pull through braid
Faux fishtail
Pull through braid/ Faux fishtail

As you can probably tell, I’m obsessed with all sorts braids. Hopefully you have found some new hairstyle ideas to try out in the summer! Summer is the time for you to play around with different hairstyles. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different hairstyles. You can even ask a friend to try them out with you! Comment down below on some of your favourite hairstyles for me to try out!

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