Morning read and eat

It has been raining for the past few days. The pouring rain woke me up this morning and the sky was grey and cloudy. So I decided to do something simple — make a smoothie and do some reading.

I don’t really have a specific recipe for my smoothie. Usually I just use whatever fruits I have and blend them together. For this time, I used almond milk(probably 1/3 cup), ginger yoghurt (2-3 tablespoons), some blueberries and a banana. I like to start with a small amount and after blending and tasting, I’ll add more. Its all about tasting and adding throughout the way. The ginger yoghurt tastes amazing and gives a hint of ginger to my smoothie, really liked how the ginger yoghurt combines with the smoothie.

Simple ingredients for my smoothie

For my morning read, I started of with Tumblr, one of my favourite social media (go follow me if you haven’t already) @La Vie in Amour Its filled with beachy, summery, inspiring photos.

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Scrolling through Tumblr while sipping on my smoothie!

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I then read the book The Land Of Stories – The Wishing Spell. Its written by Chris Colfer, well known for his role on Glee as Kurt Hummel. This is such an exciting book, which will bring you inner childhood back. The book is composed of different well known childrens’ stories and the adventure of two teenagers. The other book I’m reading is The Psychology Book. It basically tells you the basics of psychology in a simple, easy to understand way. As I am interested in psychology, this book provides me a great introduction to psychology and really helps me to know more about this subject.

What are you reading right now?

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