Summer favourites: Perfumed Hand Essence review

I have done a summer essentials/fashion post a few months back and since then I have been using different products as well and this is by far one of favourites for summer.

hand cream

This hand cream is actually given to me as a souvenir from Korea around Easter time but I haven’t used it until last month. I have never used any hand cream like this. I don’t really know how to describe it to you so I’ll just recite the description on the back which I think gives a pretty good feel of what its like.
“The refreshing pure cotton-scented perfume hand essence with the dewy texture of water droplet moisturizes and revitalizes the hands as the fermented moisturizing ingredients is absorbed into skin”

So the ‘hand essence’ is not really the normal hand cream texture you’ll expect to have. Instead, it comes in a water-like form and absorbs into your hands extremely fast. I sometimes feel that the normal hand cream will give a slight oily feeling after applying it onto your hands. However, for this, I don’t have the oily feeling after applying it onto my hands, instead, there is a sense of re-freshness and coolness. This is perfect for summer as you still want to moisturize your hands but with such high humidity in Hong Kong, this is a good alternative to normal hand cream as it is lighter and fresher. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has dry hands but would prefer something lighter.

hand cream2
It comes in different scent as well!

Hand cream is really important as we always care for our face, sometimes, our hands might be forgotten. This is definitely by far one of my favourite hand creams I’ve ever used and I will sure buy a ton more when I see them. What is your favourite hand cream?

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