Henna experience

So I went to a fun fair the past weekend and got a henna. Henna is a traditional Indian art that is applied on hands on festive occasions.
It was a really hot day, one of the hottest in Hong Kong during this summer, 37°C . Me and my sister saw they have free henna so we decided to go and have a look. The fair was outdoor, without much cover so we’re under the sun for the entire time. As henna takes some time to do, there was a line (not that long actually) queuing up but we ended up queuing for around 45 mins to get our henna done. After standing under the sun for quite some time, we both got some tan.

This is what the fair looked like

There were also some local and Taiwanese hand-craft stores for us to shop and have a look. Most of them were leather-made things like wallet or pouches or some other hand-craft jewellery which was pretty cool though quite expensive.

Some other DIY booths


The henna was applied through a metallic tube with a small mouth to squeeze out the contents inside. The henna dries pretty fast and once it’s dried, the surface is hard which resembles dried mud. As I was told, the longer the henna stayed on my hand, the longer the stain will last. However, the dried henna ended up flaking off my skin eventually and my hand was left with this beautiful brown pattern. There was also an Indian spice smell once the henna was dried which I thought smelled pretty nice.

Me and my sister's henna
Me and my sister’s henna

I thought it was pretty fun and new to me as I never tried it. Due to the long queue and time constrains, they couldn’t apply more henna on my hand like those where they cover your whole hand. But I’m still pretty satisfied with it and will sure try it again when I come across it. Have you tried henna before?

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