Pretty Little Liars finale!!

The Pretty Little Liars finale just aired the past Tuesday and I just watched it. Before I watch it, I already knew who was A through all the social media and loads of people kept talking about it. I can’t possibly contain all my emotions with this finale. To those who haven’t watched it or still don’t know who A is, you might want to stop reading this post (Spoiler alert!)

I have been following PLL for the past few years and its such an intense show with lots of mysteries which always leave us with cliff hangers. However, for this finale, after 5 seasons of guessing and misery, we finally know once and for all who A really is. A was actually revealed at the start of the episode, continuing with the episode explaining how A’s plan worked out throughout the years. For me, I still couldn’t believe the real identity of A.

The episode started with the girls tracing the steps back and found this hidden room with a screen showing a room at Radley, where Alison and A was.

A, in her iconic black outfit was starting to tell her story.

PLL3OMG!!! Cece/Charlotte/Charles is A all along and is the same person with multiple identity. I’m not going to get into the details but I never thought of Cece as A. First, she is a girl and we all thought Charles was a boy (but anything can happen on PLL). Second, she and Alison were good friends. Third, she wasn’t in that many episodes. I’m sure the reveal shocked a lot of people as well.


To add on to all the reveals, Toby’s mother real cause of death was revealed as well. Bethany Young actually pushed Toby’s mother off  and pinned it on Charles. Charles was kind of neglected and misunderstood plus the absence of care caused him to turn into the way he/she is today. I felt sorry for Charles’ childhood and I’m sure in some way some audience felt it too.

PLL7Cece was very emotional as she was telling Alison all her childhood experiences. And… another secret was revealed. Alison was once hit by someone from behind and her mother buried her alive. Luckily she was saved by Mrs Grunwald and she helped her escape. Her mother knew all along it was Cece but when Cece hit Alison, she thought is was Bethany Young and it was for revenge.


Later on in the episode, there was another red coat. As both Cece and Alison was in the room together, it means, there was another red coat. Who could it be?


Turns out it was Sarah Harvey. What?! She was helping Cece all along and was part of her plan. Emily’s heart-broken. Looking back, there was kind of a hint that Sarah might be a part of it as when the girls entered the secret room, Sarah refused to follow and stayed outside (Clues, right?).


The episode comes to an end when Cece attempts to jump off the building. The cops finally arrived and saw A at the top of building. All five girls are screaming her not to but did she?

This episode definitely had many twists and turns and is one of the most interesting episode by far. A lot of mysteries were solved,  a lot of secrets were revealed. PLL is used to keep secrets and mystery to keep the suspense up. So after revealing so much, what is next for PLL? The episode did ended in 5 years later, showing the girls might be in some kind of trouble again. Anyways, we’ll have to wait till until January to find out! Any PLL fans out there? What did you think of the finale?

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