Summer Favourites: After sun lotion

Its already mid August and I can’t believe summer is almost over. Nooooo…. This summer I had the joy of going to beaches, parks, fun fairs and much more outdoor activities! With that, sure comes with some sun burn and tan (my tan is almost gone-insert crying emoji) I never forget putting sunscreen on my face but I don’t usually apply sunscreen on my body as I think the sweat will wash it away quickly and I’m a pretty sweaty person. Every time after being under the sun for a day, I will always apply this lotion to my body after shower to help moisturise it. This lotion is from Swissological and is made in Switzerland. This lotion is great as it is not too thick or oily so my skin absorbs it pretty quick.


So this is what it looks like. I tried searching it online but I could not find this one or anything that looks similar to this so they may have discontinued this product. If they really have, I’ll be devastated when mine runs out. I got this when I was a kid (I guess my mom bought it) but never really used it as I don’t really need it. However, as I was growing up, I started going out for more outdoor activities and this came in handy whenever I had a hot day under the sun. There isn’t much smell to this lotion but there is a sense of freshness when you apply it on your skin. The texture of this lotion is similar to those aloe vera lotions for after sun. For times when I have sun burn, this really cools off the burn and heat of the skin and moisturises my skin and heal it. I really enjoy this lotion. Just think about it. After a long tiring day under the sun, you get home, have a shower and then apply this cool, nice lotion and head for bed. This lotion basically helps me end the day nicely and relaxingly. I’m in love with this lotion and have been using it all summer long. Do you have a favourite after sun lotion? Comment down below!

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