Hello London

Sorry for disappearing for the past couple of weeks as I was going through somewhat a change. So I was in London for a week and will be staying in UK for a few more months. I came to UK for almost a month now and are now reminiscing the good weeks I had through this post and probably a few of the following posts. London is such a different country to Hong Kong. Don’t know if any of you are from London. From a tourist point of view, London is such a diverse country with lots to offer. Landing here in London, I can immediately feel the difference in culture and weather. People here in London enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle. In Hong Kong, people are always in a hurry, rushing from places to places. But here, people opt for a more interactive way of living. Not only do they take time to chat with you, they also are very friendly and welcoming. I’m not saying people in Hong Kong aren’t friendly and welcoming, they just sometimes forget about it in their hectic schedules. Coming to London for the first time, I went to all those touristy spots and had an amazing time doing lots of different sightseeing.

                          One of the many architectures.

We were lucky that the weather was really good the day we landed. It was sunny and warm with a clear blue sky. I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing architectures around London. As we have planned out our schedule for the day, we mostly walked to visit different places. A good thing about walking in London is that you can enjoy the view and the buildings around as you slowly go past them. If we were travelling on bus or tube, we wouldn’t have the chance to do so. As we walked, we can stop whenever we want and take photos along the way.

London (3)

As we were walking, we spotted a Twinings shop, filled with all sorts of teas and coffee. The variety of tea offered there is insane. I didn’t know there were that many flavours. It’s only the start of the day but we already got our hands full with tea. If you are a tea lover, be sure to check it out.

London (4)
    Inside St Paul’s Cathedral.

St Paul’s Cathedral is a must go place. Not only the building itself is spectacular, the inside is filled with these amazing mosaic pictures. There’s a part of St Paul’s Cathedral that is built in a dome shape which is easily spotted from afar. When I visited the the cathedral, I realised we can actually go up the dome. Along the narrow swirling stairs, there are two levels on the dome that is accessible to visitors. It is actually quite a tiring walk. As we got onto the first level, there’s this wall that is said to be able to transfer sound around the dome. However, we tried and it didn’t really work. Onto the second level, we can see in more details the paintings on the dome. The paintings are so delicate and lively that is hard to spot if you are down below on the ground level as the dome is pretty high up. St Paul’s Cathedral is definitely worth seeing as it is a good place to slow down and ponder and appreciate the effort put into the building.

London (1)
                                           View on London Bridge!

We then went to the London bridge and went up to look at the view. It was indeed a good day. Looking back at this photo, the clouds almost seemed a bit unreal, like it is a painting. London weather changes so fast that when you have a good day, you definitely use every bit of it to the fullest. Luckily we chose to go on the bridge on such a lovely day. The view on the bridge is a total different perspective! You can overlook the river and the buildings around and we can even spot the Shard and the London eye!

There’s so much more to discover in London/UK and this is only the start of it. I can’t wait to explore it in the coming years and share it with you guys.

Have any of you been to UK?

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