Cereal Fanatic!!!

As you can probably tell from the title, I am obsessed with cereals. I like all kinds of cereals and I can probably go on for days talking about it. You can do a lot with cereals. Eat it with milk or yoghurt, turn them into snack bars or just eating them on their own. There are sooooo many types of cereal out there in the world and coming to UK, going into those supermarkets, it definitely rekindle my love of cereal from when I was a child. So, I will be blogging about my top favourite cereals.

1. Kravecereal

How come I haven’t found this earlier? For those who love nutella and cereal, this is probably your dream come true as well. This cereal is like pockets of joy and happiness in a bowl. The chocolate hazelnut is wrapped with a crispy cereal. I especially like this as the cereal layer is pretty thick, even if you place them in the milk for a while, they won’t turn soggy easily and can still stay crispy for a while. Imagine a bowl of this, with fresh, cold milk pouring into it and as you bit into it, the inside will explode with chocolate and hazelnut!!!! Your morning couldn’t be any better!



2. Lucky Charmscereal2

Who doesn’t like marshmallows? Though this may not be the ideal healthy breakfast, once in a while of indulgence is much needed and this can do the job perfectly. A mouthful of cereal and marshmallow may sometimes be what you need to start the day. This can also serve as a mid-day snack and possibly lighten up your bad day.




3. Honey Starsย cereal4

Don’t know how many of you had this but this is one of my favourites during my childhood and its still one of the best cereals I had. This cereal is not only shaped like stars, there is also a honey coating on it. You know how there are those kids cereals pack with around 8 small different packs per package? There’s always honey stars and I especially love those mix packages as I can have a different cereal each morning.


4. Special Kcereal3

Now onto something a bit more healthy. Special K to me is one of those that I have in between different cereals and one that is always on the shelf as the whole family eats it, so its always somewhere in the kitchen. There is a variety of flavours, ranging from chocolate to fruits, you can never get bored with it.


5. Cookie Crispcereal5

Cookies for breakfast?! And better, in cereal form ๐Ÿ˜€ This just taste literally like chocolate chip cookies with milk, crispy and yummy. When I got here in UK, I was overwhelmed with the variety of cereals there are. I used to really like cereals when I was young but as I grow up, I ate less and less cereal. Coming here just brought back the inner child of me and I’m having cereal everyday right now ๐Ÿ˜›



6.ย Coco Shreddiescereal6

I love chocolate cereals! Especially when you finish the cereal, you are left with this chocolate milk, which is the best part. It feels like you have more chocolate than you ate cause you started off with this fresh milk and ended up with this slightly chocolaty milk. I used to really love this when I was a kid. Also, the shape of this cereal makes the milk even more chocolaty as the milk can like go through all the holes of the cereal. I like the texture of this cereal as well, light and crunchy.


7.ย Triple Chocolate Crunchcereal7

I don’t know if this can be catagorised as cereal but I thought this still worth mentioning as its really tasty. This is basically lumps of crunchy oats with three types of chocolate. This probably taste better with yoghurt as this can sometimes be a bit loose to eat with milk. However, this taste just as good with milk. There are also other flavours, which taste pretty good as well. If you haven’t tried this before, you should definitely give it a try.





Cereals shouldn’t be something only kids eat. Though it is not the healthiest breakfast choice, we can still sometimes let loose and bring your inner youth back. There are sooo many different cereals I would like to try. Reese’s puff, smores, cinnamon toast crunch, ice cream cones cereal……just to name a few. What are your favourite cereal? Comment down below.

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