The Stable – Bath

Food is everything when I travel. I always look for good food. Every country has their own unique cuisine and culture.  Coming here in UK, Italian and British food are the most common types of food served around the country. You can always find a pizza or pasta restaurant around, or pubs that serve amazing burgers and wings. A friend of mine has suggested this pizza restaurant for us to try when we were in Bath.


So its called the stable. Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Pizza seems to be the universal favourite food, so I was excited to try this pizza restaurant.

Bath Take a good look of this menu. They serve a variety of pizzas, almost anything that you can imagine! It was really hard to choose what to order from the numerous options but we finally decided and tried the four cheese special, the lamb roast, the fresh Hawaiian and the roast chicken salad.

They were amazing. I personally love thin and crispy pizza base, so I was thrilled when they came in as crispy and thin. All of the pizzas are serverd on a pizza board, which I though was pretty col and rustic. And as we were sharing between five people, we asked for plates and apparently the only plates they have were those pizza boards. So we ended up eating with pizza boards which I thought was pretty cool as it was my first time! It was also my first time trying a four cheese pizza so I don’t really know what to expect. I ended up really enjoying the goats’ cheese. The blue cheese actually tastes pretty interesting with the pizza, its a bit saltier than I imagined but was definitely something new to me. The roast lamb one was my favourite. I really liked how there were literally chucks of lamb on the pizza, so you can actually taste the lamb, instead of only having bits and pieces of mince meat on the pizza, which you can’t really taste it. It was my first time having avocado on a Hawaiian pizza! The avocado goes really well with the pizza.

Bath (1)        We had to eat off pizza boards which was really fun and cool!

The salad was nice and fresh with a good amount of roast chicken. As you can see, I totally forgot about taking a picture of the pizzas before they were torn apart. I was too hungry 😛 Hopefully this gives you a brief idea of how the food looks like.

Bath (2)

I liked how the name was carved on each pizza boards. It was simple, rustic yet unique. I was glad I came to this restaurant as the food was phenomenal and the staff were friendly and welcoming. This was a great recommendation and definitely worth going. Next time I’m in Bath, I will sure go there again. Any pizza lovers out there should without a doubt go and try!

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