Wright Brothers – London

Another restaurant recommendation here in UK. If you haven’t read my last post on restaurant recommendation, do sure check it out. In this post, its all about seafood! I love seafood, the reason why Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisines is because of their wide variety of seafood. I didn’t really expect to have any amazing seafood meal here in London merely because London doesn’t give me the impression of having great seafood meals. However, I was completely wrong. After having this meal, seafood is definitely something not to be messed with here in London. The restaurant I went was Wright Brothers.

wright brothers (1)
Excuse my poorly photographed photo of the entrance of the restaurant

To start with, the menu had all these fancy seafood dishes that I don’t even know where to start with. There’s fish, crab, lobsters, prawns… The options are endless. As this was our first time, we asked the waiter to recommend some of their signature dishes. He told us without a doubt, the black pepper crab but warned us we’re going to get messy :p

wright brothers (2)
Whole crab, black pepper, basil leaves, almonds & yoghurt

This photo doesn’t even do the dish justice. Just as this dish was coming, we could already smell the black pepper from afar, before even seeing the dish. This dish is so aromatic that it just wakes up your appetite. However, this dish is indeed a bit messy. As the crab is only cut in chunks, you’ll have to crack the shell in order to get to the juicy meat. I guess it has to do with the type of crab, this crab seems to have an especially hard shell. None the less, it is still worth eating as the black pepper sauce with the fresh crab meat goes really well and the almonds give a crunch to the dish, while the yoghurt helps lighten up the dish. When you get to the claws, its like you’re in heaven! Its a pretty big claw so if you can manage to take out the claw meat in a whole, you’ll feel so satisfied and delighted.

wright brothers (4)


Look at that platter! When it came, I was surprised to see how fancy it was plated. This plate is placed on a stand to make it look even more extravagant. There are oysters, prawns, mussels, clams and razor clams. As you can see, they are all served on ice, so it makes them taste more fresh. I really like the oysters and prawns. Its like eating a piece of ocean. I don’t eat fresh oysters that often, the last fresh oyster I ate was probably like 5 months ago? I can’t even remember when’s the last time I ate a fresh oyster. These oysters are amazing, they are fresh and juicy. Especially when you eat it with the water in the shell, all the taste just bursts on your tongue. The prawns may seem simple but I didn’t expect how tasty they were. As I take a bite, all the juice and freshness just burst out of the prawn. Take me back!!!

wright brothers (3)
Roast Dorset cod fillet, samphire, leeks & wild mushrooms


Last dish of this post. I personally love eating cod fish, so this was my favourite when we ordered the dishes. This came better than I expected. All the platings of the dishes that we ordered were gorgeous, including this. The fillet was soft and tender. The creamy sauce was buttery and smooth which goes really well with the cod. As cod fish doesn’t have much of a distinct flavour, the sauce really gave this dish a kick. The mushroom and veg was nice and soft as well. The whole dish coordinated really well. Yum!




I was really glad I came to this restaurant as this is basically the seafood paradise. Their logo says it all. Sea to Plate. Very true, you can literally taste the ocean from the dishes. My whole family loves seafood and are all pleased to have came and tried their amazing dishes. Even you are not fond of seafood, do give it a try as well as they also serve non seafood dishes or maybe they’ll make you fall in love with seafood? Who knows ๐Ÿ™‚

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