Pierre – Bath

Another restaurant in UK! Check out my other two posts as well! Wright Brothers in London (for SEAFOOD lovers) & The Stable in Bath (for PIZZA lovers) Its French cuisine this time!! I love eating French desserts, those macarons, crème brulees, éclairs… Bring me to France!! This restaurant, Le Bistrot Pierre, was also recommended by a friend of ours. Bath is such a beautiful city, its really nice to walk around as its not that big, we easily found this restaurant sited on the roadside, near some other pubs and restaurants.

We started off with a soup. On a chilly and windy night, a soup seems french (2)to be the right thing to warm us up. This smooth and rich tomato soup is really good. It came like if its right off the stove, really hot, which I really like. The hints of basil from the soup lightens this dish up. Sometimes, I find tomato soup a bit too sour and tastes too tomato (I know how weird it sounds but its sometimes true) This had the right balance of tomatoes and basil and tastes really good. I love the bright red colour from the soup as well, its really appetising. I’ve had quite a few tomato soups from different places since this meal but none of those tastes quite like this one from Le Bistrot Pierre.


french (4)


This salad is a bit different from the ones I use to have. Instead of those common salad vegetables like romaine lettuce and rocket, this salad uses beans, peppers and baby spinach. The creme fraiche on top serves as a kind of salad dressing, binding all the components together. I especially like the grilled halloumi cheese. Its sooo good and goes really well with the whole dish. As most of the vegetables have a simpler taste, the cheese with its slight salty flavour helps elevate the dish.

french (3)
Fritôts de calamars


Crispy fried squid!!! I love eating fried squid in general, dipping them in some mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon… a total mouth-watering dish! Fried calamari is best when the coating is thin and crispy. This is definitely thin and crispy. As the batter is quite light, you won’t get those thick, soggy deep fried batter like those in fast food shops. The orange powder in the mayonnaise is roasted garlic, which gives the dish a more rustic taste. The char on the lemon finishes this rustic yet elegant dish.


french (5)


King Prawns!! I promise it looks like a hundred times better than the photo. Grilled whole king prawns served with a shaved fennel salad, tomato and smoked paprika aïoli. The prawns were huge and taste very fresh and juicy. Sometimes, restaurants will claim their prawns to be king prawns but when it arrives, its actually just normal-sized prawns, which is a bit disappointing and a waste of money. However, this came as how it was described. The prawns were large and nicely grilled.

french (1)
Lamb shoulder


Lamb is one of my favourite meat. I seldom eat lamb shoulder as I’m not really familiar with it. However, I’m really glad we chose this!! It was really good. The lamb was tender and the pea mash was smooth and nicely seasoned. I must say the gravy served with it was fantastic. I personally like gravy with roast meat as I think sometimes the meat are too dry. Though this lamb was not dry at all, the gravy certainly help elevated the dish and make it more tasty.



This restaurant has a really nice environment as well, as you stepped into the restaurant, you can almost immediately feel like you are in France. The lights are dim, furnitures are mostly in black and vintage style and the sound of wine glass clinging just gets you in the French vibe. Do give it a try if you have the chance.

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