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So there are tons of these snack/beauty boxes out there right now and since I got a code for a free box, I tried the Graze box. If you are not familiar with these boxes, they basically send you a box of snacks/beauty products from a wide range of companies for you to try. For Graze box, it is a snack box and everything is packed by the Graze team. Once you signed up and ordered a box, you will be shown a wide selection of snacks they have and rate them according to your preference. There are sooooo many choices, it certainly took me a good few minutes to look at all the options and rate them. Some of the snacks they have are mini cakes, seasoned nuts & seeds, beef jerky, de-constructed pies, crisps with dipping sauce… There are so many you’ll definitely find something you like.

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So the box looks like this. It comes in a nicely designed card box box, which the size is a bit smaller than an A4 paper. I’m not sure whether the design of the box changes throughout the seasons but I thought this leafy design suits this time of the year really well. Though I would say don’t expect big portions of the snacks if you are planning to order it. They come in a decent size but was a bit smaller than I thought it would be.

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So this is what the box looks like when you open it. There are four plastic containers based on the choice of snacks you’ve chosen. There are also some discount codes and gift cards which you can share with friends so they’ll get a free first box or discount when purchasing their box. Graze box is also quite flexible as you can choose when you want your box to arrive and how often they arrive. You can always stop the boxes at any time you want and as they go by the system of you pay as you go, you won’t have any commitment.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe box is filled with these goodies. Some gift vouchers, an information/ welcome sheet and a little ‘hello’ booklet, introducing you to the graze team and their snacks. The information sheet comes with a few promo codes for getting your 1st, 5th & 10th boxes free, which you can share with your friends or first time users of Graze box. The information sheet also gives you a full detail of the nutrients of the snacks with a nutritional label for each snack.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThese gift vouchers look really nice as well. It will be a nice little gift for a friend or sibling so they can try it out as well.

graze (6)

These were the four snacks I got. Tuscan pesto kern pops, super carrot cake with an afternoon infused tea bag, sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites and gingerbread loaf. They all look so yummy and interesting, I can’t wait to try them! I’m a huge snacking person and these snacks are in the right portions for me as usually I just want to snack on something but not to fill me up. Some of these also have the calories written on the package so you’ll know how much you have consume.

graze6This is how big each container is. It is around the size of a hand. On each package, there are different badges printed on top, showing you some of the benefits of the snack such as a source of protein, a serving of fruit, or source of vitamins ect.

This is my first time getting any of these types of boxes. I really like the idea of opening into a box with surprise snacks that I’m interested in. As I’ve just received the box, I can’t wait to blog about it so I haven’t had the chance to try them. If you want to know how does the snacks taste, comment down below and I’ll do a post on it later. Have you tried any of these boxes?

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