Black Friday Online shopping

ITS BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! Although UK doesn’t celebrate as much as the US, there are still some decent sales around stores. It is actually my first Black Friday here in UK and I was really excited!! The shops here in UK usually closes at around 6-7 but because its Black Friday, all stores extended their opening times and the shopping centre was particularly crowded on a Friday night. Although I went to the stores, I didn’t have a good look around so I went to the internet for shopping instead. The perks of online shopping is that you can see all the sizes available, you don’t have push through the crowds to pick out the top you like and most importantly, you can shop comfortably in your pjs! I had a look at quite a few online shops and purchased some great deals. Most shops have sales throughout the weekend til Cyber Monday so I thought I’ll just mention the few that I shopped at.

  1. Bath and body works



Bath and body works is doing a buy 3 get 3 free deal, which is such a great bargain! Although in the pic they say its the 2014 VIP tote, they have one that is almost the same this year but cost $25 instead, with a silver tote bag. The VIP tote is no longer available but the buy 3 get 3 free deal is still on and all their 3-wick candles are only $12 now!! I’m so tempted to shop again as the candles are much cheaper than they were on friday!!

2. Boohoo


Boohoo is another one that I though had great deals. As it is stated the discounts are UP TO 70%, you would have known most of them are not. However, Boohoo still had some great deals. I bought one of those comfy fluffy slippers and some onsies. As I planned to buy onsies for a few of my friends as Christmas gifts, I found some really cute ones over there. If you are looking for onsies for the winter, Boohoo is a great place to start looking.

3. Romwe


This is one of those stores that you can find basically any clothing item you want. I’ve been looking for some sweaters and sweatshirts for the winter time and they have loads of them. They also have a range of dresses, so if you are looking for something to wear for upcoming Christmas/new year party, this is a good place to start looking.

4. Hollister


Hollister is a bit on the pricier side but when it comes to Black Friday, the clothing are a bit more affordable. I have been wanting their Hollister all weather coat, but the original price was £69, which I thought was way too expensive. After the Black Friday discount, it is only £48.3,  I was so happy when I saw the deal and bought it immediately.

5. Not on the high street


This is a bit different than the other stores. Not on the high street specialises in really cute and fun personalised gifts for friends and family. They have a large range of quirky products, ranging from aprons to jewellery. They are not having huge sales like most clothing store, but they do have some decent discounts on different products, you just have to spend a bit time to look through it. When you scroll through their website, you’ll see so many interesting products that you may not have come across before. Even if you don’t buy from this site, going there for presents ideas is a good way to start if you need inspiration for gifts.

So these are my top five stores for Black Friday shopping. What are yours? Did I miss any other important huge sales? Comment down below!

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