Bath and body works haul


This is my first purchase from Bath and Body works and so far I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve been given Bath and Body works products before and I really like those unique and festive scents from their products, so for this Christmas, I decided to buy me and my family some Bath and Body works products as gifts.


As you can see, I got quite a bit of things!

I got these two Christmas themed body cream. I prefer body cream to body lotion as during winter time, body cream can better moisturize my skin as it is thicker. The first thing I did when I receive my package was to smell all the products. The Jingle all the way is a bit sweeter than the Winter candy apple.The Jingle all the way has a distinct smell of vanilla, while the Winter candy apple has a more fruity smell.DSC02866


The French Lavender smells really nice as well. Its a bit more flowery with a tint of sweetness.



I also got the Tahiti Island Dream body scrub too. I must also mention how pretty the packaging of their products as well, they are fun and colourful! I have never try their body scrub before so I’m pretty excited to try it out.

I have already started using the hand soap! I got the Winter Candy Apple deep cleansing one. There are tiny beads inside the soap that can kind of exfoliate your skin while washing your hands. I thought this was quite cool! And to make it even better, it smells amazing. I got the White tea & ginger shower gel for my mum as I thought the combination was unique and interesting.

My first ever Bath and Body Works candle!!! I’ve heard so much about their candles and their unique scents and finally I now own one. I got ‘Tis the Season’ and it smells amazing. Living in Hong Kong, such an urbanized city, lighting this candle in my home, it suddenly feels like I’m in the countryside. I now know why their candles are so popular!

Although I haven’t tried out all of the products, my favourite one so far is definitely the candle!! I’m really satisfied with my purchase! Have you tried any Bath and Body Works products? Which are your favourites? If you want any reviews after I’ve used them, comment down below. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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One thought on “Bath and body works haul

  1. I love Bath & Body Works! I once tried many of their body lotions especially their Christmas editions like Noel Vanilla bean, yummy. Their greatest asset is their scents and pretty packaging.


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