Workout ideas!

Working out can sometimes be a pain, especially in the winter. Personally, I like to have different workouts every session so I won’t get bored with my workout routine. To get me through my workouts, I have a few ideas that might help you.

1. Find a/ a group of friend(s) to workout with you. Not only you’ll have companionship, you will be motivated to workout. When you are working out together, you’ll unknowingly push yourself to work harder as you don’t want to do less than your friend. This might seem a bit odd/mean but its positive competition so it can do you both good.

2. Mix up your workout routine. Don’t just stick with one workout. appYou’ll get bored easily. I uses this app called Workouts, which have a variety of workouts available. You can customize your workouts by making them longer or shorter and even make up a brand new workout. There are also support groups within the app that can help and motivate each other. I uses this app almost every day as I really like it and I can do a different set of workout each time.

3. Spend on some good quality workout clothing. I think the clothing you wear to each workout session is just as important as your workout. As you will probably sweat a lot, workout clothing should have good ventilation and easy to stretch, so you can move comfortably in it. I looked up a few workout clothing that I thought was cute and something I would wear to give you guys some ideas.

These two are from Nike. Nike has probably the best sportswear, there are just sooo many and all the patterns and prints are fun and cool!

I though these were great as well! Especially the #winner sports bra, just gives you the kick you needed! Having a cool water bottle can also help motivate you to workout. This water bottle includes a water diffuser as well so you can hydrate and detox at the same time when you’re in the gym.

4. Make a good playlist. I find listening to some of my favourite songs are a good way to get me through my workout. I like to choose some upbeat and fast songs during my workout and some slower songs when I cool down.

Some of my song choice: 5SOS(She’s kinda hot, Hey everybody!) Katy Perry(Birthday) Kelly Clarkson(Run Run Rudolph) Little Mix(Black Magic, Salute) Maroon 5(Sugar, Doin’ Dirt) One Direction(Best Song Ever, End of the Day)… What are your song choices?

5. Look up for some good after workout snacks. I have heard stories of not eating right after a workout as your body may feel extra hungry, leading to you eating more than you should. Hence, I usually wait for around 30 mins to an hour before I eat. While I wait, I’ll have more than enough time to cook my self something nice. I have tried and like the recipes below, tell me what you think if you have tried any of them.

Chia Pudding: Chia seeds have many great benefits to our health. This recipe is quick, simple and filling and you can even make them the night before. Preparation for this is really minimal.

Vanilla Almond Matcha and Chocolate Lava Shake: This have chocolate, match, vanilla and almond!!! All the yummiest ingredient you could put in a smoothie/shake. There are a few more steps in this recipe but definitely worth it.

A good smoothie: I tend to use quite a lot of healthy breakfast recipes as my post workout snacks as most breakfast recipes are filled with nutrients and are quite light. There are a variety of smoothies in the link I posted, so you can switch your smoothies every now and then.

These are a few ideas I have to stay motivated in working out during the winter times. What tips do you have on staying fit during the winter season? Comment down below.

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