TV shows I can’t wait to come back on

I am a huge TV show binge watcher. I love watching different TV dramas, from Pretty little liars to Modern family to Once upon a time, I just can’t get enough of them! I’m sure you have experienced the long awaiting period of time when your favourite TV show is on break or the season just ended and you just can’t wait for it to start again! Here, I present to you my current favourite tv shows that are either on break or just ended and won’t be coming back soon. Hopefully you might find some of your favourites here, otherwise, here are some bingeable tv shows for you to catch up before they start again.

1 .Once Upon a timetv

If you love fairy tales, you’ll probably love this. The basic story line of this show is that all the well known fairy tales character like Snow White and the evil queen all come to life and are living in a modern world. After 5 seasons, there have been fights and conflicts and the story was left at a cliff hanger for sure. The upcoming episode should air in March and I can’t wait for it to air.

2. The Fosterstv5

This is another one of my favourites. After a long break, it is finally coming back tomorrow! Although it is airing sooooon, I though I’d mention it as well as this is one worth watching. It is about this big family with two mums, a son, two adopted twins and two adopted siblings. This family goes against all the stereotypes and shows the audience how such stereotypes could be avoided and can be harmonized in our community.

3. Baby Daddytv2

I would consider this as one of those nice, relaxing sitcom. I generally just love tv shows with babies!! They make everything much cuter and interesting. Season 5 will air in Feburary but you don’t have to watch every episode to understand the whole story. One of the reasons I love watching sitcoms is that you can pick up wherever it is and still understand what the show’s talking about!


4. How to get away with murdertv3

This is such an intense show!!! With a rather simple story line to start with, the whole thing just spiralled into a bigger and bigger matter as the show goes on. With the great actress Viola Davis, who have won quite a few awards for her role in this show, this is definitely a must watch!



5. Marvel’s agent of shieldtv6

I mean who doesn’t like Marvel productions? Without any exception, this is another action-packed, thrilling show to watch, which always gets you on your nerves. A lot has happened in the past 3 seasons and has became quite complicated, which you will have to follow through to piece everything together.




6. Young & Hungrytv4

This is another sitcom(surprise!?) I don’t really know how to describe it other than it being funny and relaxing. Its one of those that I would just chill and watch it with a bowl of popcorn or a cup of hot cocoa, especially during the current winter time. And its only 30 minutes long, so I often ended up re-watching them.


I simply can’t wait for all the above shows to start again. Do you watch any of the above shows? What are your bingeable tv shows?

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