New breakfast favourite!

Recently, I have discovered my new breakfast favourite – Acai smoothie bowls!! It is fast, easy and tasty and can also fill you up nice and quickly. It is basically a thicker smoothie that can be eaten with a spoon with your choice of toppings. A bowl of this in the morning sure helps you begin your day with a fresh start!


The base of these smoothie bowls are usually frozen fruits, like bananas or berries. This especially suits the winter weather as the frozen fruits available in the markets are usually made using good quality fresh fruits, which are probably better than those you can get during this time of year. Liquids such as almond milk or coconut water are used to make the smoothie thinner. Sometimes, oats or healthy seeds like chia or flax are also mixed into the smoothies. To make it a fuller breakfast, protein can be added to it, like flavoured protein powdered or nut butter to keep you energized throughout the day.


So apart from the yummy base, the toppings are just as good! Fruits are the must haves when making smoothie bowls as they are healthy and easy to prepare. I usually just buy those that are in season as they taste better and are cheaper. Apart from that, nuts, granola and dried fruits go well with it too. One of my favourite toppings are goji berries!  I would say when choosing the toppings, pick a balance between crunchy and soft toppings for the best result!


I just love the colours from these acai bowls. They are, colourful, vibrant and scrumptious. Look at these photos! You can also get your creativity out while placing the toppings onto your smoothie!

These are a few recipes that I tried and found them quite tasty. Give them a try!

Super green smoothie bowl

Berry Acai Bowl

5 Healthy, interesting Acai bowl




Hopefully these pictures can persuade you to try out these acai bowls. If you try any of the above recipes or you’ve tried other ones, do tell me!

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