Stop using these face wash!

Exfoliating facial washes are great for unclogging our pores and are a great way to deeply cleanse our skin.

However, recent studies show that they are terrible for our environment and the marine life. The exfoliate bits are basically small plastic beads, which are really hard to disintegrate.

This gives you an idea of how small the beads are, so it is very hard to remove them from the ocean once they are washed into it.

When they are washed off into the ocean, they will absorb all the toxins in the sea. All the harmful chemicals in the sea will be accumulated in the beads. You may think this isn’t that bad but the terrible part comes. Marine animals like fish may think they are food and eat the beads. It may lead to indigestion, killing millions of fish, or if they are digested, the chemicals will be absorbed into the fish and we will eventually eat it.


We can all help them and the future generation now by stop consuming these facial wash. US have already passed laws to ban manufacturers producing products which contain these micro beads and hope to phase out these products in the next two years. There are simple ways for us to take part as well. Next time when you go buy a facial wash, turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients. If there is polythene, put it down immediately. A rule of thumb is if you see an ingredient that you can’t pronounce or don’t know what it is, put it down and choose another one.

These are a few good ones that are 100% natural and effective! Another great way to cleanse your skin is to DIY!


Tbh I have used exofliating facial wash before but from now on, I will stop using them and find other natural alternatives. Hope you guys will do the same:)

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