Tropical/summer fruits I like

I love fruits, they are sweet (usually), fresh and hydrating. They are also very versatile as you can eat it on their own, with some yoghurt, or incorporate it in baking. Since I have been to UK, I realised the variety of fruits available in Hong Kong and I miss them so much. There are some great fruits in UK as well but sometimes they can be a bit pricey. So I thought I will round off some of my favourite summer time fruits.

1. Mangosteen


This is definitely my number one favourite. As these are only in season during summer, I tend to eat a lot of them during that time of year. I think mangosteen is kind of a weird and pretty fruit as there’s this thick hard purplish shell with a contrasting white soft flesh inside. It tastes a little sweet with a hint of sour.

2. Lychee


I love this!!! Its sweet and juicy. There are different kinds of lychees, some with a larger pit and some with smaller ones and the skin also ranges from thin to thick. The kind that I like is the one with a small pit and thin skin. Its easier to peel and you’ll get more lychee meat!

3. Star fruit


I love the shape of this fruit! Its literally a star shape and in yellow colour! It is slightly crunchy and quite sweet. Its not that common to find star fruit in markets but when I do, I’ll usually buy it.

4. Wax apple/Jambu air

I don’t really know the english name for this fruit as I usually go by the chinese name. The texture of this is similar to an apple but a bit crunchier and with a milder taste.

5. Watermelon


This is the must have summer fruit!! Its filled with water and is really refreshing. It can save your life on one of those really hot days. I like to cut the watermelon into slices and put them into the fridge in advance so they are cool whenever I want to eat it.

6. Longan


This is kind of similar with lychee. They have almost the same texture and taste really similar. I guess longan meat is a bit chewier and have a lighter taste. Its really strange cause if I taste them while blind folded, I will be able to point out which is longan and which is lychee, however, I just don’t really know how to tell the difference. Can you?

So these are a few of my favourite fruits during the summer. What are yours?

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2 thoughts on “Tropical/summer fruits I like

  1. Mangosteen is delicious! The first time I tried it was in Sri Lanka when our drivers stopped off at the side of the road to give some money to a family selling fruit. I couldn’t believe that something so scary looking could taste so good! Wasn’t a fan of the lychee though – maybe because I kept thinking it was an eyeball hahah. great post xx

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