The making of Harry Potter

Sorry for disappearing for the past weeks as I will be having my exams soon. However, I went to the Harry Potter World  in London two weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I wish I’m back there right now… Exams are the worst, so I thought I’ll do this blog post to help me get through exams. I like Harry Potter but am not a huge fan of it. I did read the last book and watched all of the movies, so I do think I know pretty well how the story goes.

As you enter the the studio, you can already feel the Harry Potter vibe. There are all these close up photos of individual characters, the flying blue car and the trolley at platform 9 3/4. We got a short introduction about the production of the film and the studio and we were then let into the Hogwarts hall!!

Sorry for the poor quality photos as there were quite a lot of people and lighting wasn’t the best:/

The costumes worn by some of the main characters were also shown.

The sorting hat!


It was so interesting and surreal to see everything displayed in front of you. I got this magical feeling while I was admiring all these amazing works created by thousands and millions of skilled people. Every prop and set was created seamlessly, every detail was perfected, even those we didn’t notice. The whole tour was divided into different sections. The main ones are set, costumes, behind the scenes and animation. It is really cool to see how everything integrates together into one and ‘gave birth’ to these magical films! Can you believe its been 15 years since the first film came out? Time flies:)



Harry Potter’s under-stair space!
Their common room!

Everything was really posh and nice. Sometimes I do wish to have a common room like theirs.

How cool does their room look? Imagine sleeping in a room like this:o

There was also this section where you can sit on a broom, same as those in Harry Potter, and fly through London to Hogwarts and take pictures in the blue flying car, all in front of a green screen. However pictures weren’t allowed there as you have to purchase the videos/photos. It was a really cool and fun experience! You even get to wear the wizard robes and choose from the different colours that represent the different houses!

The train to Hogwarts at platform 9 3/4!!


The famous Diagon alley, with the memorable bright orange Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop! Regardless whether the shop was filmed in detail, they were all done to perfection.

butter beer
A must try – Butter Beer!! It tastes really gooood :p











How impressive is this Hogwarts castle?

The whole experience was superb. As I went with the school, we only have limited time to walk around the whole studio, though if I can, I would have stayed longer (probably 3-4 hrs) as there was just so much to see. You will be overwhelmed by the things shown there and fascinated by each of them. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fanatic, I still highly recommend you go as it will be a memorable experience. After visiting the studio, I just want to binge watch all the films so badly but I will have to wait til the exams are over. 1 and a half more months to go(sob…)

Have you been to any Harry Potter themed parks or to this studio?

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