OOTD – Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the year

Hey guys, I’m going to do an outfit post today! This is a little late OOTD since this look is from my trip to Harry Potter Studio. It has been a cool spring/summer here in UK, so hopefully this outfit is still relevant for this time of year.

Just casually chilling while sipping my butter beer!

I wore this H&M biker jacket over a sweatshirt I got from Boohoo and paired it with black jeans, boots and a black winged tote bag. This is one of the first few biker jackets I got so I’m still kind of experimenting with it. I really like the colour of this jacket as it is in burgundy/plum colour, which is one of my favourite colours. This outfit may seem a little dark but its all about the details! The gold trim around the boots and the golden buckles on the sides add a bit of ‘bling’ to the outfit, while the golden zipper on the bag helps accessorize it. I chose this pullover as there is a large pink print so it adds a pop of colour to the whole outfit.

Better lighting on the jacket.

You can find similar items here: Biker jacketPulloverBlack JeansBlack boots, Black winged tote bag

I went for a comfy outfit as there was quite a bit of walking to do in the Harry Potter studio. I think this outfit ended up pretty well. It was relax and laid back yet still looks chic. I think the jacket certainly added a bit of sophistication to the whole outfit. What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear something similar to this?

This post is also written as an entry for the”Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the year”, held by H&M and Bloglovin’. Check out this link for more info.

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