May favourites

Hello there~~Here I present you my May favourites:)

New Look Puff backpack

This is the sort of packback you’ll either love or hate. I ordered this online as it was on sale and when I got it, I immediately fell in love with it! This is a really simplistic backpack, with some gold detailing on the zipper and leather straps.

New Look black belt

I bought this along with the backpack because the belt that I’m using is almost worn out so I needed a new one. This belt is really flattering, especially with the tiny flowers around it. This looks best when you tuck your shirt in so you can show off the pretty daisies.

H&M Jumper

I actually got this in June but since it was early June, I thought I will put it in this favourites as well. I like this pullover as it is quite simple with the bright colourful print “Youth Tribe”. It is really warm as well, with the mock turtle neck, so its probably not the best clothing to get ready for summer time:p

Body Shop Passion Fruit body butter

This thing smells freakin gooooood!!! I just can’t even. You know that feeling when moisturizing your body after a shower seems like chore but with this body butter, you won’t feel reluctant to moisturize your body anymore. The consistency is quite good as well, not too thick and not too thin.

Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

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I finally understand the hype for tea tree products! This is so refreshing and vibrant, like nothing I have used before. This is also gentle on your skin, so I don’t have to worry that it might dry out my skin.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water

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This was introduced by my friend as it was on a sale on three for two, so I got one to try it out. I normally use facial wipes to clean off my makeup and then use a face wash. However, sometimes, the facial wipes may dry out quickly, before I could finish the pack, so I thought this works better for me as its easy to use and will not dry out. It is really soft on my skin as well, so it won’t dry out my skin.

Yeo Valley Yoghurt

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Yoghurt are one of favourite breakfast food. They are versatile, tasty and can fill you up. A little fun fact that I read states that research showed among the three choices of bacon with eggs, yoghurt with banana and weetabix, the yoghurt one is the best in terms of filling you up and sustaining your body for the morning, so you will less likely feel hungry before lunch. I got the limited edition strawberry cream tea and peaches and cream. The tea flavour in the strawberry cream tea is very mild, you can hardly taste it but I thought the idea was pretty cool. They have a wide range of flavours, so you’ll definitely find one you like!



I’m currently into Pentatonix! I think they are super cool, using their voice to create all those beautiful sound. Can you believe they literally just use their voice to produce their album? Their covers are awesome as well, with new and unique arrangements. I especially love their evolution of music video. Check it out here!



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