Anyone who knows me know I’m addicted to baking. I’m always looking for new recipes to try out or making a mess in the kitchen whenever I’m home. Since studying in UK, where I don’t have my own kitchen, I barely bake. Hence my new interest arise – window shopping in cooking utensils store! When I first came to UK and browsed through the variety of kitchenware shops, I was amazed by the array of products available. There are countless cute and pretty utensils. I never get bored shopping at kitchenware store!! So I thought I will share some of the favourites I came across.

I just can’t handle the rabbit one!! Its so adorable! I always find these cute and fun measuring spoons around different kitchenware stores!

I wish I could own all of these! The heart one is really thoughtful as there are different quotes on each handle of the spoon like ‘share laughter’ or ‘celebrate love’.

Who can forget about measuring cups, especially when they usually come in a set? Enjoy these lovely measuring cups!

Aghhh!!! Cuteness overload!! I want the swan one so badly!!! They are elegant and dainty, not only will they make you enjoy baking even more, its also a great decoration for your kitchen!

I thought the bumble bee one is kinda funny, haven’t seen anything like this before:D While the flower paint one is more artistic.

I hope marble is still in trend right now cuz the marble rolling pin looks really sophisticated.

How can I once thought rolling pins are boring? Look at all those print and colours!

Looking at these cupcake cases, I just wanna go bake a batch and give it to my friends and family just so I have a reason to buy them!

I currently don’t own any pottery pans but after browsing through these colourful pottery pans, I’m so tempted to get one!


I think all these fun utensils makes baking so much more enjoyable and can also be a great gift for friends who like to bake! Show these photos to someone who doesn’t like baking and maybe you’ll convince them to join you in a baking session soon!

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2 thoughts on “Bakespiration

  1. I love this post! I actually like to collect the measuring spoons, but I didn’t know some of these other things existed. Thanks for inspiring me.. Or rather inspiring me to inspire my husband to build a room just so I can collect pretties like these… Hehehe (;


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