Summer lunch idea

I can feel summer is finally here! The weather’s getting much warmer and the sun is out (well… occasionally but at least there’s some) and one of the summery lunches I’m into right now is Vietnamese spring rolls! They are easy to make, fresh and versatile. There are so many different combinations, with both sweet and savoury to choose from and the best part is that its super quick and easy to make.

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Can you spot the one where the rice paper is broken?!

It is essentially a small salad bowl wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper. It may not look as appealing in the photo above cause it does takes a bit of practise to make a restaurant-like roll but I can assure you that it tastes amazing.

food (2)

This is the rice paper that I used. I think it can be found in many supermarkets in the chinese section.

These are the ingredients I used for my Vietnamese spring rolls. Some cabbage, cucumber, pork slices and rice vermicelli mixed with some soy sauce. As you can see, it is really simple and almost any ingredients will go with this “recipe”.

When you first buy the rice paper, it should be hard and brittle but after soaking it in warm water, it will soften up and can be a bit sticky. I find it useful to do the assembling part over a large plate so you can place your softened rice paper onto the plate and place all your ingredients then roll it.

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I got two dipping sauce to go with the spring rolls. One is a thai sweet chilli sauce and the other one is a peanut butter sauce(I basically just mixed some peanut butter with some warm water, honey and soy sauce. Start with a small amount so you can slowly alter it to your taste). I want to try some sweet variations of this soon, maybe put some fruits in it with a chocolate sauce:p You must try this out!! Tell me what you think!

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