M&S Spirit of summer food range

Marks & Spencer just got a (kinda) new food range to get us ready for summer. Their range is all about tropical flavours, packed with summer vibe. There was just so much on offer and all of them seem so yummy. I got some chips and cookies to try them out.

I got the tropical fruit, nuts & dark chocolate chunk and the Mexican chipotle chilli & Ecuardorian dark chocolate cookies. (I just realised how long the names were:p) In the tropical one, there are some dried pineapple and mango, with some bits and pieces of nuts. I really like it as the dried fruits are really chewy, it gives a good contrast to the crunchy nuts. The chocolate one is rich and delicious, with the right amount of chilli for that extra kick.

Next, onto the chips! I got the Cajun spiced plantain chips and the carnival mix. There is indeed a variety of veggie chips in the carnival mix but as it is lightly salted, the taste is rather light and simple, so if you’re into more flavourful chips, this might not suit your taste. The plantain one is really nice. As I seldom eat plantain chips, this is a good alternative to ‘normal’ chips.

So these are the ones that I got right now but I will definitely get some others to try soon. I saw some roasted nuts, popcorn and chocolate coated dried fruits while I was shopping and I’m so tempted to just buy the whole range back home and try them all out! Have you tried this range? If you have, what are your favourites?

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