Food bucket list

I’m a huge foodie and I am always on the look out for new food to try out. These are the current food that I can’t wait to try!!

1. Emack and Bolio

These ice cream are to die for!! Look at the beautiful cones, they’re totally Instagram worthy!! Each cones are coated with a choice of cereal/cookie crumbs and they have some interesting ice cream flavours as well. They look so delicious!!

2. Spaghetti in a cheese wheel

I’ve seen this in a restaurant once but never got the chance to try it. I love cheese, especially in pasta, they look so yummy, with the cheese melting in the spaghetti, you’ll get a mouthful of melted cheese in every bite!

3. Pablo cheese cake

The first store was opened in Japan and it now has several stores in Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong(soon to be opened I think) They look sooooo good. Its those kind of tart/cake that is slightly wobbly in the centre, so when you bite into it, it will slowly ooze out. I need to try this!!!

4. Crepe Cake

The delicate layers look so elegant and pretty. I have thought of making this at home as it is actually quite easy but you’ll need a lot of precision and patience in order to perfect this simple dessert. That’s why its probably worth the money to go eat it in a restaurant.

5. Special egg puff waffles

This is a Hong Kong traditional street food. Its one of my favourites and I always get at least one whenever I’m back in Hong Kong. It tastes similar to a plain waffle, with a slight crunchy shell and a soft and light interior, its like eating a cloud! Apart from the traditional ‘original’ flavour, there are now lots of new flavours and variationsย and some even has different fillings in it!

6. Insane Milkshakes


I just can’t even!!! I always see these insane milkshakes all over social media. I have to go try it sooooon and its probably best to share it with a friend!

So this is my current food bucket list! I can’t wait to try all those delicious food:p I’ll probably eat through this list during the summer holiday!! Have you ever tried any of these food? What’s your food bucket list?

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