Summer Style Steal

I always look for outfit inspirations online and while I was scrolling through different summer outfits, Alli’s style caught my attention as it looks comfy and simple. She’s Cody Simpson’s sister, a singer/model and is from Gold Coast, Australia. I would say her style is casual, chic and laid back.


This outfit is perfect for a casual date or meeting up with your friends. As I love thigh high boots, being able to incorporate it into this outfit is a bonus for me. Also, the pieces she wore in this outfit is quite simple, so most of us will have the majority of clothing in this outfit. You can always improvise, for example, by substituting the jacket with a leather/bomber jacket. But I really like the pop of orange from her jacket, which gives the outfit something special.


This just shouts summer!! This outfit is from coachella, hence the flower crown and the holiday vibe this outfit gives. I love the sandals, its really cute and strings tie up to the knees! I’m really into knee/thigh high shoes so this outfit gives me an idea how to style them.


Who says you can’t wear denim on denim? This is a perfect example of how you can pull of similar looks. I think the trick is to keep everything simple and minimal. There’s only a belt and the pockets on the shirt to accessorize the outfit and the slight colour contrast of the shirt and jeans also makes this outfit works.


This is a really easy outfit to recreate, simply pair a blouse with a pair of denim shorts. This outfit is super chill and relax as well, so you can wear it to almost any occasions. Alli always manages to make her outfits look so effortless!

Alli’s style just screams beach and summer. What do you think of her style? Hopefully this post will give you some summer outfit ideas!

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