Kenya trip

I just came back from a two week long Kenya trip and I miss it sooo much. As this is my first time travelling to Africa, I was super excited to visit there!! Before going on this trip, friends and relatives warned me about the terrorists and diseases occurring in Kenya and told me to be extra cautious when I go. However, it was nothing like that!(at least not on my trip) It was a school trip and there were only 9 people in the whole group, so it was small group, which was great cause it means we get to know everyone better. The trip was organized by Rift Valley Adventures and we stayed at Ol pejeta campsite and the staff there was all super nice.


This was taken on our way to the campsite. There were loads of these road side shops along main roads, selling different things, from fruits to clothes.

This was our main campsite and it was literally on the edge of a safari. There were only some electric wires that separate us from wildlife. We saw impalas almost everyday!! On one night, they even jumped over the wires and got into our camp! How cool was that?!

As Kenya is on the equator, we often see signs showing where the equator is and this is one of them! If you look closely to the pic on the right, you’ll see an elephant next to the safari truck! It went pretty close to us and looking back, it could have ran towards us and kill us:/

We did so much on this trip!! We went on a three day bike expedition, went canyoning and  rock climbing, visited a Masaai village and volunteered at a local primary school. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn’t have asked for more! I might write a few more posts on this trip, if you would like to hear more, comment down below!

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