Sai Kung – Hong Kong

I went to Sai Kung the other day with my family to walk around and enjoy the amazing seafood there. As I haven’t been there for a long time, this trip brought back some good old memories:)

Sai Kung is by the seaside and one of the special characteristics about it is the ‘seafood boat shops’! People would catch seafood and sell it on their boat. As most of the seafood is still fresh, they would even clean and slaughter them on the boat for your.


There are these boat shops all along the pier that sells different things. There are fresh seafood, dried seafood, snacks… The options are endless!

And this is how they pass you the seafood!! They put it in the basket thing and pass it to you and we’ll put the money back into the basket to pay for it. I think its so cool. We ended up getting some shrimp, mantis shrimp, geoduck and fish for dinner. The seafood is so fresh and and tasty!! I definitely recommend you go visit Sai Kung if you’re in Hong Kong but always remember to bargain when you’re there:P

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