Slip dress over T-shirt Trend

This trend has been around for some time and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It was worn by almost every celebrity, from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna. I don’t really know where this trend started but it seems like everyone’s getting on board with this trend. It is essentially wearing a slip dress/ spaghetti strap top over a T-shirt.


The most common way to wear is by wearing a silk slip dress over a plain white T-shirt. With Kendall’s look, she added a silk duster coat, thigh high boots and choker to accessorise it. Also, she really matched the colour tone of the outfit as each piece is in a beigy colour. I think this is a dressed up version of this trend.
dress2In Kendall and Kylie’s latest collection, this trend was also featured. I think this is a more casual look than the one above.dress3


You can even wear a strappy top over T-shirt and pair it with jeans!


This is definitely a dressed up version of this trend, showing how versatile this trend can be. (I’m really into this look)


You can always switch the plain T-shirt to something else like an off the shoulder shirt, a blouse or a turtle neck!dress7

Even North West is rocking this trend!

So what do you think of this trend? Are you digging it or think its a pass? I actually quite like it as its versatile and interesting but I’m not sure when I should try it out.

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