Korean Haul

I’ve just came back form Korea and I got so many things!!! As this is my first time visiting Korea, everything was so fresh and new to me. I was told about the array of Korean beauty products and clothing before I left and they were right!! There were just shops after shops selling beauty products and streets filled with clothing store.

korea (2).JPG

So this was everything I got(excluding the clothes :p)!! I would have gotten so much more if there wasn’t any baggage allowance. We saved the last day for super-market shopping and it was definitely a wise decision as shown in the picture above. We went to Lotte mart, a huge 2 storey market, selling all kinds of things, from food to face masks. We spent a good 2-3 hours there as there were so much to see and was a bit crowded.

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A closer look at the food I got. The yogurt jelly was soooo good. I wish I had gotten a few more packets. The texture and feel of it resembles a gummy bear, a bit softer I would say but it tastes like Yakult and its so goooood. This is definitely a must try when you go to Korea! I also got some cup rice in two flavours, one is dried pollock and the other is bibimbap. The nuts are a such a huge thing in Hong Kong and they were so much cheaper in Korea, so we got tons. It tastes really nice and there are many variations as well. They have cashews, almonds, macadamia with wasabi, honey butter, garlic butter and caramel flavours. My fav is wasabi!

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Next, onto beauty products!! As you can see, I got loads of masks. There were so many different types of masks available in a single shop and there were thousands of beauty stores, so it was hard to just get a few masks to try, let alone to choose which shop to go to. I must say there were a couple of times where I just want to buy everything in the shop! Also, as they normally sell face masks in packs of 10 or more, I ended up getting not a lot of varieties but quite a lot in each type.

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Innisfree!! There were loads of Innisfree shops around streets and malls. This is probably one of the few shops that allows you to buy individual face masks, instead of buying them in bulk. I got a few different kinds to try out and the volcanic cleansing foam and nose pack. I’ve tried the nose pack and its pretty good.

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I’ve always wanted to try charcoal/volcanic products, so I got some to try. The one from Nami Island is an all black face masks which looks pretty cool when you put it on. The three step pore strip from Face Shop(the one on the left) has a distinctive smell to it. I have never smelt anything like it but its alright I guess once I got used to it. I wonder if it is caused by the volcanic lava.

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Foot mask!!! This is a definite must try out of all the beauty products. I’m not sure if all foot masks look like this but this one is kinda cool. Its literally a sock and you just have to wear it on. You can even walk around in it!!

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A closer look at some of the masks. I’ve tried the Aquaringer before and its super good as it moisturizes your face pretty well. Ginseng is one of the common/popular food in Korea so I must give the red ginseng mask a try. For the avocado one, I’m just trying it out cause I’ve heard so much about using avocado as a beauty product.

This is everything I got from Korea, beauty wise. Have you been to Korea? What’s your favourite beauty product?

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