Korean clothing haul

Following up from my Korean beauty haul, here’s a Korean clothing haul! I thought I got quite a lot but as I take my clothes out for this haul, I realised I didn’t get as much as I thought:o

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T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts… One can never have too many T-shirts! There are literally millions of different pattern T-shirts sold in Korea. As I don’t have much white T-shirts, I got quite a few white ones from this trip.

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I love that all the T-shirts have really simple designs. Like this one, there’s only a USA and the flag print on it.

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Next, this straight leg flowy pants!! These pants are sooo popular in Korea, I see people wear them everywhere. I think this is definitely one of the most Korean-styled clothing items.

korea (3)

They are super comfortable as well. As they are flowy, they won’t stick to your skin, so its perfect to wear in summer. Also, its made of a chiffon-like material so its light weight as well! As I can’t wait to wear it after I got it, I wore this immediately on my flight back!

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This is a white off the shoulder jumpsuit. I think it looks really nice and elegant and as I will be going to a beach wedding party in October, I thought this would be perfect for that. The one problem I had after I tried this on is that as the material is chiffon-like, its kind of see through, especially the bottom part, so I think I will have to go to the tailor and fix it but other than that, I’m really satisfied with this purchase!

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Lastly, ย jewelries!! There are so many pretty jewellery in Korea, it is really hard to just pick a few. I ended up getting this choker and two pairs of earring. I really like the Winnie the Pooh one, its so cute!

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I really like wearing chokers recently so I was looking for some more in Korea. I cane across this and bought it without a doubt. I like the turquoise colour of it and the little pom pom!

So this concludes my Korean haul! Korea is definitely a good place for shopping, I even know people who flew there just to shop! For any shopaholics out there, Korea is definitely worth going. Even if you’re not into shopping, there’s still lots to do!

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