Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger collection

So I’m sure most of you will know about the latest collaboration between Gigi and Tommy Hilfiger. Its officially on sale right now and there are so many pieces I want to get! However as this collection is on the pricier side as we would have guessed (after all one’s a supermodel and the other’s a top designer) I thought I will share with you some of my favourite pieces from the collection.


I love this dress, especially the pattern, with nautical prints all over it. The pocket design is really smart as well as these days, a pocket is really useful for holding your essentials!


I’m obsessed with capes!! They are edgy and cool and could totally spice up any outfits. This is can definitely be one of the statement pieces to keep in your wardrobe.


This jumpsuit is quite different than the others I have seen. This has a leather top and flare bottoms which make it quite unique!


I’m into maxi dresses lately so when I saw this, it caught my attention right away. I would say this is one of the simpler pieces but the length of this dress stands out from the others as it is in midi length. Unlike the others, which are usually in ankle/floor length.


I like this backpack as it surrounds the nautical theme as well and there’s an anchor and pom pom key chain attached. I think its such a simple yet cute accessory to the backpack.


I love this nautical pouch as well. Haven’t seen anything like this before!


Last but not least, these leather shoes!!! This pair just looks really chic and simple and I like the red line that goes aroundย the bottom as it adds a bit of extra to the pair of shoes.

So that rounds my favourites from this collection. Did you purchase any clothing item from this collection? What’s your favourite piece?

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