Food Friday

Its the weekend and what better way to celebrate other than food!!! I had lots of good food through out the summer and on this post I will share with you some of the food I had in Korea!



First up is this crepe cake!!! We went into a random cafe for a mid-stop and ordered this! This was my first time trying a crepe cake and I think it tastes amazing. Millions of thin layer crepe interlacing with layers of cream!! Yummm… I don’t know if you’ve heard of Lady M before(which is famous for crepe cakes as well) but this tastes just as good as that!


Next is this devil’s shake! Its my first time trying these crazy milkshakes and this was definitely worth the hype. It does not only look instagram worthy but also tastes delicious!! It has definitely become my guilty pleasure :p I really like the setting of the place as well, it is a really casual place with cool decorations on the wall so any spot will be perfect for a quick snap!


Last but not least, Korean Yakult!! This was actually given to us from the shop owners where we got some Korean snacks. It was such a treat on a hot and sunny day, plus I haven’t drank Yakult in ages, so it brought up some good old childhood memories as well! They taste just like ordinary Yakult, a bit sweet and sour, like yogurt.

So this rounds up today’s food post!(I’m now so hungry :p) Are you excited for the weekend?

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