Autumn is approaching and although its still like ~30°C here in Hong Kong, I’m starting to look for autumn recipes to keep me busy for the coming weeks!

1. Pumpkin-related desserts!

Pumpkin seems to be the IT food during autumn. You can find pumpkin in literally everything! Pumpkin doughnuts, tiramisu, cheesecake, brownies, cakes… The list is endless.


2. Skillet desserts

Skillet desserts are easy to make and great for sharing. I especially like it during autumn/winter weather as they are big and gooey, they’re perfect for chillier weathers. You can even add a scoop of ice cream for that extra bit of indulgence! You can make almost everything with skillet, from cookies to crumbles.

3. Pies

Pies seems to be more popular in the autumn time as well perhaps because its best served warm, and for me, preferably with a scoop of ice cream to give a contrast to the warm pie texture.



4. Poached pears

I have made poached pears once a few years ago and have seemed to forgotten about this dessert. I would say poached pears is rather simple, just a bit time consuming but infusing it with different spices like cinnamon or ginger is certainly a great and healthy dessert for fall. While I was looking up for poached pears photos, I realized there were different variations to it too, like wrapping it in puff pastry or meringue, or placing it in pies and cakes.



5. Cinnamon Babka

I just came across this while I was writing this post. As I was searching for cinnamon recipes, this came up and I thought this seemed scrumptious. It is a sweet bread with usually cinnamon or chocolate filling swirled inside it. This seems interesting to me so this will definitely be an upcoming baking project for me!


So this is what I got so far. Have you started your autumn baking? If not, hopefully this will give you some inspiration, so grab your baking utensils and get started!

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