Another OOTD post! I went to a beach/chapel wedding last week in Okinawa and I thought I would share my outfit for that since the outfit was totally last-minute. I originally planned to wear a white off-the-shoulder jumpsuit to the wedding I mentioned in my Korean Clothing Haul post. However, after I went to the tailor to add an under-layer as it was way too see-through, the jumpsuit became a bit too tight, so I can’t really wear it. I was definitely panicking at the moment since I only have a night to come up with another outfit. While I was frantically looking for another outfit, I found these red burgundy flare pants that I bought a while back and I quickly came up with this outfit!



So this was the final outfit! The burgundy high-waisted pants is from Forever 21, the lace crop top is from H&M and I finished it off with a pair of heels from Dorothy Perkins.

There’s two front pockets on the pants which was quite useful for me to place my phone and sunglasses and generally a good accessory for the pants. I also wore a burgundy tank top under the lace top to match my pants.



I kept the accessories quite simple. I wore this turquoise pom pom choker I bought in Korea (unfortunately the pom pom broke right after the wedding:/) and a gold heart and diamond bracelet from Romwe.

As the wedding dress code is on the more casual side, I managed to get away with this outfit. Looking back, I was quite pleased with myself on coming up with this outfit a night before the wedding:) I never really thought I would wear pants to a wedding but here I am writing this post about this outfit!

So what do you think of this outfit? What would you wear if you only have a night to prepare an outfit for a wedding?

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