Another post on man crush monday!! Since The Flash resumed, I thought he has to be in one of my MCM posts. Its Grant Gustin!!

He started off playing Baby John in West Side Story and went onto Glee as Sebastian. He can sing, act and dance!! Definitely worth a spot on my MCM!



I didn’t really like the character Sebastian in Glee as he is arrogant and cocky but I love how Grant played that role so well that he brings out that mean personality.

Oh!! Forgot to mention he’s a dog lover too! He always posts pics of his dogs in his Instagram.


I highly recommend you watch The Flash if you haven’t already cause its really gooood!! Its an action TV series packed with romance, mystery and thrill. He got the teen choice award for Choice TV breakout star in 2015 and Choice TV actor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy category in 2016 for his amazing role as The Flash.


He’s really funny behind the scenes as well! The bloopers always makes me laugh and his funny personality is reflected in interviews.



Sooo… What do you think? He’s definitely my MCM, not just Monday but everyday!!!


Who’s your MCM?

Feel free to like, share and comment!

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