Food Friday

Its Friday!! So its time for another Food Friday post! I just landed yesterday, so I am still a bit jag lagged but this time its food from Okinawa!!


Lets start off with a Japanese breakfast! Can you believe they have this every morning?! They’re all so dainty and cute, each have their own little plate. There’s grilled fish, stir fry vegetables, miso soup, marinated vegetables and squid sashimi.

We went to this ice cream shop called Blue Seal almost everyday:p They have dozens of ice cream flavours and their soft serve are super creamy and soft!! These are just 3 of the 5 ones I had. The one on the left is crepe with taro ice cream, mochi, cream and some chocolate sauce. The top right one is a soft serve taro with a blue vanilla(taste kinda like the Japanese soft drink Ramune)ice cream and the bottom right is a German chocolate flavour ice cream. I think this is probably the most ice creams I’ve ever eaten within a week XD



I have been to Okinawa two times now and after the first time trying out this restaurant, I was like I have to come back again cause it was just that good!! This restaurant is well known for its uni(sea urchin) and cheese baked lobster!! Its soooo goood. The picture doesn’t even do it justice. Its rich and creamy and you get the taste of cheese, uni and lobster in every bite, which is extremely satisfying.


Sashimi is a must-eat when I go to Japan. This boat of sashimi has salmon, prawns, tuna, squid, octopus… you name it, they’ll have it. I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, especially sashimi, so this just feels like a dream!

More sashimi and sushi!!!

This is another must go place to eat in Okinawa. The whole building serves seafood but you first choose the seafood you want in the market(while they’re still fresh), then bring it up to the restaurant and tell them how you’d like them to be cooked. Or you can just choose to eat them all as sashimi as they are really fresh. We got some jumbo prawns and grilled them and stir fried the crabs. We also got a bitter melon with fried eggs as a side.


The main dish of the meal was this lobster sashimi, along with some scallops, salmon… If you like lobster, you should definitely give lobster sashimi a try! I think it tastes different to cooked lobster, its slightly saltier and more chewy.(Kinda hard to describe the difference as you really have to try to tell the difference)

I’m sorry if you’re not a fan of seafood since this post is basically about seafood but hopefully you at least enjoyed the ice cream! Enjoy your weekend!

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