Christmas gift ideas

I really wanted to do some sort of Christmas celebration on this blog since I’ve been seeing so much blogmas. As I don’t have time to do a month of blogmas, I decided to do a mini one-week blogmas!! So to start off this blogmas, I’m going to blog about gift ideas. I love Christmas shopping as the decorations in the shops are so Christmasy, it makes me feel extra festive. However, sometimes it could be hard to think of what to buy so I’ve came up with a few ideas for last-minute Christmas presents!

1. Cake/cookie mix

I think this gift will suit most people, even if they are not a baking person. These cookie/cake mixes are great as they save time and are simple. You can even DIY them!! There are millions of recipes out there for you to choose from!

2. Candles

I received a candle as Christmas present last year and I’m now obsessed with lighting candles around the house. I think they are a great gift for those who don’t usually light candles as well as it might change their habit like me! Or you can go for one that looks really pretty, so even if they don’t light it, it can still be a nice decoration!

3. Scarfs

I don’t know why but for secret santa this year, a lot of people seemed to be putting scarfs on their wish list, especially the thick ones. I guess I can see why cause those big chunky/thick scarfs are really comfy and can keep you warm all winter long! I got a few for my friends as well and Zara is a good place to start!

4. Diffuser

I think home related things are a good gift choice as it is practical, so you don’t have to worry whether the recipient will find it useful. If you think the diffuser with the wooden sticks is a bit too feminine, you can go for the electronic ones. There are more and more electronic ones available right now probably because it is easier to maintain and you can control how much you want.

5. Socks





One can never have too many pairs of socks! Especially during Christmas. There are loads of cute Christmas related patterns. You can also consider fluffy slippers or slipper socks, so they can keep their feet warm around the house!





So these are a few ideas for you!! I’m still doing Christmas shopping and am looking on pinterest/blog posts for inspiration. Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your Christmas shopping!

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