Favourite Christmas food

Mini blogmas day 5

Tis the season to be eating, falalalala…:D Food is always the focus of all festivals!!(at least for me) Same with Christmas, there are loads of good food to indulge in and since its the winter time, I give myself extra excuse to eat more:p


christmasTurkey is the first thing that pops into my mind when I think about Christmas food. Since we don’t have thanksgiving, Christmas is probably the only time I eat turkey. My uncle is the best chef when it comes to Christmas meals as he cooks the whole meal by himself every year. The amount of effort and time that goes into making a turkey is tremendous. He takes around 5-6 hours to prepare the meal! Oh and do you add cranberry sauce to yout turkey?


Next up is mince pies!! They are great to end the Christmas meal! I’ve been baking mince pies with my uncle for probably 10 years now and its still as fun to make them now as 10 years ago. As they are not too sweet and are small, they can fill your sweet tooth after a big Christmas meal.

Since I have always eaten homemade mince pies, I just think the store-bought ones are never as good, so I urge you guys to try make your own as well as they really aren’t that hard to make.


I’ve tried this German gingerbread biscuit and am now in love with it!! Its from this brand called Leysieffer and they hand make these amazing gingerbread, chocolates and truffles. Their gingerbread biscuit is not like the ones you usually get. They are soft, airy and really light, so you are easily tempted to gobble down a handful at once! I think from now on, this will be my yearly Christmas treat!



Gingerbread cookies are a staple for Christmas. Although they are available all year long, I seem to reach for them more often during the Christmas time. Baking them is just as fun as well! You can do it with friends and family!

So this rounds my list of favourite Christmas food.  I can’t wait to eat the turkey on 25th!! What are your favourites?

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