Christmas playlist

Mini blogmas day 6

I love listening to Christmas songs and I usually start listening to them during the end of November to help me get through my school work. I do have a playlist of all the Christmas songs I listen to so I thought I would share some of my favourite albums with you guys and if you’re looking for new ones to listen, hopefully this will help!

Kelly Clarkson, Wrapped in Red


I love Kelly’s voice, its so rich and volumous, which is great for Christmas songs as she makes them sound really soothing and some of the upbeat ones are really fun to listen!

Pentatonix Christmas


I LOVE Pentatonix!!! I love A Capella/acoustics songs in general but their harmonies are sooo good that I can just sit there and listen to them everyday. I was so happy when I knew they were releasing another Christmas album.

Peter Hollens, A Hollens Family Christmas


Going on with the harmonious/acoustic route, I highly recommend Peter Hollens. He is a youtuber and he does at least 3 parts to all the covers he produces and all the sound the in the tracks are made by him which is just pure awesomeness!

Band Aid 30, Do they know its Christmas


This star-studded song is one of my favourites for Christmas. I love that they uses these influential artists to help raise funds for Ebola. If you haven’t listen to it, you should definitely listen to it now. It does not only sound really good, its also for a great cause!!

Michael Bublé Christmas


I guess he sort of became one of the classics nowadays. His Christmas songs are more relax and laid back, perfect for the days when you just want to stay at home and chill!

Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande has been releasing Christmas covers for a year or two now and I really like the spin she puts in the songs. I think she gives off a similar vibe to Kelly Clarkson, with a very strong voice.

What’s your favourite Christmas songs?? I’m always looking for new ones to indulge in!

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