Lush santa’s belly shower jelly review

Mini blogmas day 7 (Its Christmas eve!!!!)

I received the santa’s belly shower jelly as my secret santa gift and I thought I would do a review on it!! I love the bright red colour of this shower jelly, which totally fits the festive atmosphere! The smell of this is really festive as well, with a stronger hint on the spices.


The shower jelly literally resembles a jelly in terms of texture and consistency. Apart from it is not edible, I would have totally believed its a jelly if someone just gave it to me:p Its my second time using a shower jelly, so I’m not as clumsy as the first time. As the shower jelly is quite slippery, when you take it out and lather it over your skin, it tends to slide out of your hands easily. But after a few more uses, you kinda get more familiar in how to use it, so now it doesn’t fall off my hands anymore!

There is also a range of scents for their shower jellies, so I’m sure you can find one that suits you. I tried the snowman one last year and it has a totally different feel to the santa’s belly one. The snowman one has a more citrusy scent, so it feels lighter than the santa’s belly one.

I would say the only downside to this is that it takes a bit longer to lather it up as it takes a few more scrubs for the bubbles to develop, so I guess if you like to save time in the shower or you are in a hurry, this probably won’t suit you. But overall, I would use it again as it makes my skin feels really soft and fresh after the shower.

Have you tried a shower jelly before? What do you think?

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