Food Friday!!

Its Friday and its time for another Food Friday post!!

These are some of the good food I had during the Christmas/new year holiday. Enjoy!!


There’s this new Japanese restaurant in the Wanchai pier in Hong Kong and they say their seafood are freshly delivered everyday from Japan. There are a few different stores in the whole area, ranging from sashimi to grilled food. I went for seafood donburi (a dish with sashimi on a bed of Japanese rice). Although there weren’t a lot of choices on the menu, each of them looks really tasty. I chose the tuna with uni (sea urchin) and a mixed sashimi(with octopus, crab, lobster, fish…). They were indeed really fresh and tasted really nice!


I think the best thing is that you can eat it in 3 ways!! I’ve never eaten a donburi like this before and its quite an interesting experience. First, you can enjoy it in the traditional way, with wasabi and soy sauce. The second way to eat it is turn it into a roll! There are two pieces of seaweed that comes with the donburi and you can roll it with the rice and sashimi. Last way to eat it is mixing it with their homemade broth. You can put some rice into the bowl provided and they will add the broth for you to enjoy. Its 3 different experiences in one donburi!

Going on with Japanese, there is another restaurant in that area that serves sushi. But that’s not it, you have to stand while you eat! There are no chairs, just high tables everywhere with people standing while they eat. This is actually quite common in Japan. We ordered these two plates of sushi and there’s salmon, crab, squid, scallop…


And you don’t dip the sushi in soy sauce like you do in the ordinary way! You let the soy sauce slowly drip onto the sushi with the brush! How cool!! And you get to enjoy the sea view as well while you eat!


Let’s move onto desserts!! This chocolate chip cookie with matcha ice cream isn’t actually that good cause I can tell the cookie is definitely store bought as it is still a bit cold and hard. Nevertheless, I always wanted to try cookie ice cream sandwich and despite this was a bit disappointing, I will continue to look for one that tastes as good as it looks, or even better!!


Last but not least! This deconstructed tiramisu! I’m a huge fan of tiramisu, so when I saw this pic on the menu, I had to order it and try it out! The mushroom tops are made of meringue and the stem is vanilla gelato. Then there’s some mascarponeย cheese under the mushroom and finally the sponge at the bottom and some around it. I think this is one of the best and most creative tiramisu I’ve ever tasted!! I want more!

So thais wraps some of the scrumptious food I had during the holiday!! Back to school now and need to work out more so I can have more great food during the next holiday:p

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