Types of people on plane

Travelling to new places is fun and exciting but sometimes the travelling part could be a pain. Since I have been travelling quite a bit, I noticed the different types of people on plane, so I thought why not do a post about it!

1.The one who sleeps throughout the flight


There’s always this person who just sleeps throughout the whole flight!(including my sister:p) Even if its a 12+ hr flight, they just sleep throughout!! No toilet breaks, no water, no food… I just don’t know how they get through the flight! Perhaps because I don’t sleep well on planes, I never get to experience that. If anyone of you are this type of person, I highly recommend this neck pillow from Muji. I’ve got one and they are super comfy and it has a hood that goes over your eyes, so it can block out some of the light, which I find very useful.

2. The one who calls the flight attendant 24/7


This type of people always presses the button to signal the flight attendants. It may be that they want a drink, a snack or a pillow… Whatever it is, they seem to have an unending list of requests that just keeps coming through.

3. The “alcoholic ” one


I admit sometimes long haul flights are stressful and annoying. Different people may have different tricks to get through it and some may prefer the help of some booze:p The most common ones I noticed are alcohol with soft drinks. I’m not really an ‘alcohol’ type of person, so I tend to rely on watching movies/TV shows to help me get through the flight.

4. The super-organised one


This type of people are usually super fast and efficient. Once they get on the plane, they first clean everything and then take out things that they might need during the flight, like neck pillows or a jacket.They might even have their own flight essential kit, with items ranging from moisturiser to toothbrush. Sometimes, they might even bring along a carry-on suitcase, so everything can be placed nicely. They probably are experienced traveller as well as they seem to know everything on the plane.

I must admit that the majority of people are quite normal on the plane, so these are just a small proportion of people you find on planes. And there’s nothing wrong with these types of people. Different people have different approaches with flights. And there could be some just simply enjoy travelling on plane! I don’t want to seem like I dread flying but after a few frequent flights, you start to notice these things. Which type of person are you? I probably have been all of the types of person mentioned at some point in my travels!

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4 thoughts on “Types of people on plane

  1. I’ve been stuck beside “the alcoholic one” before – not a pleasant flight! Also, I’ll definitely be getting one of those Muji pillows for my next long-haul flight!


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